The music was recorded in the Steinsfurt synagogue during a concert on October 19, 2019. Dorothee Memmler plays traditional nigun.

The Denkmalstiftung Baden-Württemberg asked Mr. Kindermann to produce a 3D-walk for the synagogue. They have kindly consented that we can use it here.



The building is in (Sinsheim-)Steinsfurt in the Dickwaldstraße (former Adersbacher Straße), adjacent to the Goldbach.

GPS (N:49°14'24,3"; E:8°54'37,7") = (49.24009; 8.91047)

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synagog (at) synagogue-steinsfurt.org




The Nazi mob had intended to destroy the synagogue as in other places. But it was saved since the new Non-Jewish owner claimed his rights.

Photos from the Interior of the Synagogue





There were plans to remove the synagogue since it seemed to be an obstacle to the traffic.

Karl Leomhardt, the new owner, used the synagogue as additional store room for his business. People came into the building to buy flour, potatoes, fertilizers or pestizids.

The former Synagogue in Steinsfurt is on Dickwaldstraße (former Adersbacher Straße), with the Goldbach flowing nearby.


Visits can be arranged by mail to synagog (at) synagogue-steinsfurt.org

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