(Cartoon courtesy Daniela Weil. Daniela's grandfather Kurt Weil was born in Steinsfurt.)



Die Bank in der Synagoge




Welcome to the Former Synagogue of Steinsfurt

We are a group of volunteers with the following aims:

  • We want to restore and keep the former synagogue in Steinsfurt as a monument for peace
  • We try to keep alive the memory that the Jewish population of Steinsfurt was an integral part of the community
  • We try to introduce young persons into historical memory. For this we support(ed) some projects.

On this page you'll find information on all those subjects – and of course about us.

The Synagogue

The former Synagogue in Steinsfurt is on Dickwaldstraße (former Adersbacher Straße), with the Goldbach flowing nearby.


Visits can be arranged by mail to synagog (at) synagogue-steinsfurt.org


We try to collect and publish the memory of Jewish inhabitants and their life in the community of Steinsfurt.

In addition we think of Jews in Sinsheim and in the surrounding area.


We remember people who were connected with the former synagogue in Steinsfurt.

Memorial Book

We have created a memorial book, that is on display in the former synagogue. It remembers the Jews who used to live in Steinsfurt. It will be extended.


We collect personal and other information of persons connected with Jewish life in Steinsfurt.

Even by numbers the family Weil was the most important one in Steinsfurt.


Bild der Gedenktafel in der SynagogeIn the synagogue there is a memory plaque for the victims of WWI from the Jewish community in Steinsfurt.

The killed Julius Weil and Fritz Weil, the missing Julius Weil and the wounded Ludwig Freudenthaler are listed.

Weil plaque

For the 2009 meeting of the Weil family a memorial plaque was created as a common place to commemorate members of the Weil family murdered during the Holocaust as well as other victims of the Nazi regime.


The inhabitants of Steinsfurt always seemed at ease: No Jewish person was deported from Steinsfurt.

We remember the persons who lived in Steinsfurt and were deported and murdered from the place where they later stayed.

Hermann Weil

Hermann Weil (1868 - 1927) established the internationally operating grain trading firm Weil Hermanos & Cie in Argentina and was political advisor for the emperor Wilhelm II of Germany. He founded the Institute for Social Research in Frankfurt and the „Kochschule” in Steinsfurt. He built the Mausoleum at the Waibstadt cemetery.



Our Society

The association "Alte Synagoge e.V." was founded in 1992.

Chair person is Jutta Stier.


We consider it as a very important task to introduce youth to history.

Our permanent partner is the denkmal aktiv AG of the Wilhelmi Gymnasium Sinsheim, but we worked with groups of other schools as well.

Together we started several projects.


Events in 2020

Due to the CoronaVirus all events until summer have been cancelled

(Additional Events are to be hoped but due to Corona not expected)

Jan 27: holocaust day

January 27, 6pm on the Synagogenplatz (at the Steinsfurt synagogue) we had an hour of remembrance for the victims of Nazi terror.

March 28: "Long Night of Heimat"

Since the "Lange Nacht der Heimat" has been cancelled we show a video, so that a "virtual visit" of the synagogue is possible.

June 13/14: Village Fête

As in former years we will show an exhibition during the Village Fête in Steinsfurt (June 13th/14th) in the Verwaltungsstelle: "The Jewish Mothers of Steinsfurt"

Sadly the event has been cancelled due to the Corona-Virus.

June 25: Members' meeting

The 2020 general meeting was planned for June, 25th.

Due to the Corona pandemie we had to change that plan. It will be held at a later date.

We will announce the new date as soon as the situation will be clear.

Sept 13: Open Monument Day

Day of Open Monuments

On Sunday, September 13th, is „European Heritage Day”.

The Deutsche Denkmal Stiftung, have asked, that any local events in the monuments should be cancelled to avoid spreading the Corona  virus.

We have prepared some virtual replacement:

A virtual Exhibition


A virtual Concert:

A virtual Walk:

A Slide Show






Engagement Award 2020

Public Award 2020

Public Award 2020

We have been nominated for the "Deutscher Engagementpreis 2020" (German Engagement Award 2020)


In addition there is a Public Award 2020, which is decided by the vote of the public.

There were about 380 nominees for this. The prize money was 10,000 Euro!


As expected, we did not win the Public Award. With 56 votes we reached a honorable rank 240 of the 360 nominees.


Tora Reading

We plan again meetings in the synagogue on the evening of the last Saturday of each month. We will try to learn how the Tora is read in Jewish tradition. This circle has been initiated by a member of our association. We invite everyone intested.



The End of the "Holy Congregation" in Neckarbischofsheim

Dr Robert Jesselson is reading his great-uncle Samuel Jeselsohn's account of the end of the Jewish congregation in Neckarbischofsheim.  Samuel Jeselsohn was the last leader of the Jewish community in Neckarbischofsheim.

The short presentation was for the (online) Holocaust program of the South Carolina Council on the Holocaust. Robert Jesselson has agreed that we can use his reading for remembering the atrocities during the so called "Kristallnacht".