The Beit Knesset

The synagogue was built in 1893/94. Until 1938 it was used by the Israelitic community of Steinsfurt for services and meetings.


The synagogue was built after plans by the architect Wilhelm Dick (1874 - 1904) from Hoffenheim.


The synagogue was financed with donations and a tombola. Here again the population gave generously

Foundations 1893

The laying of the foundation stone for the synagogue was on September 25th, 1893.

Inauguration 1894

The inauguration of the synagogue was on July 13th, 1894. Inhabitants and dignitaries of Steinsfurt and even the Christian clergymen took part. This clearly shows that Jews were accepted and integrated into the life of the village.

Sale 1938

The few remaining members of the Jewish community were forced to sell the Synagogue in October 1938.

After the sale

At first the synagogue was used as storage for agricultural goods. It fell into disrepair.

By now it is an important cultural monument.

The society Alte Synagoge Steinsfurt e.V. has as its aim to restore and maintain the building and give it a new lease of life.

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