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Here you find the Privacy Policy of, which in principle corresponds to the "Datenschutzerklärung" of




The association "Alte Synagoge e.V." was founded in 1992.

Chair person is Jutta Stier.


Information about Our Association

The association "Alte Synagoge e.V." was founded in 1992.

Chair person is Jutta Stier.



Postal address:
Verein Alte Synagoge Steinsfurt eV
c/o Jutta Stier
Kurpfalzstr. 131
D-74889 Sinsheim


The association "Alte Synagoge Steinsfurt e.V." is registered at the Amtsgericht Mannheim under VR 340 518.

We are a nonprofit organization. This has been confirmed by the Finanzamt Sinsheim under the date of November 11, 2022 (our control number is 44082/51046). So any donations are tax-deductible according to German law.

Please consider to support our work.

You might even want to become a member of our association.

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