Our Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy: We don't collect any data about you and don't track your visit.

We also tried to use only tools that don't collect data (as far as we can check out).


Only if you log in we use cookies to ensure your identity. These cookies will be obsolete after 15 min.

(We suggest that you check your browser twhether it deletes obsolete cookies)


We now use a new version of Myshariff, a plugin that has been developped by Heise-c't and adapted for Joomla by Xadomir.

No data are sent to Facebook if you visit a page. Only if you activate the button Facebooks can collect data. We cannot influence what data are harvested.

If you want to avoid the harvesting: Do not use the button!


Our website is hosted at Strato.de.

Here you find the Privacy Policy of Strato.co.uk, which in principle corresponds to the "Datenschutzerklärung" of Strato.de.