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Jews in Steinsfurt


The 1572 statistics gives one Jewish family for Steinsfurt consisting of 5 persons.

In 1659 the reformed vicar Clemens Hirzel had to write a list of all inhabitants of Steinsfurt. In this he doesn't mention any Jewish person: The changing politics of the Electors Palatine influenced Steinsfurt as well.

The first Schutzjude („Protected Jew”) in Steinsfurt was Isaac Schwab, who moved here in June 1701. His son Jacob Schwab started to pay in 1711, but had to pay only half the amount because of his bad eyesight.

In 1722 Aron son of Isaak (from) Weiler became Schutzjude and moved to Steinsfurt . He became the ancestor of all Jews in Steinsfurt with the name Weil. In 1807 the brothers Löw Feis Weil and Moses Feis Weil are „Schutzbürger” in Steinsfurt, who were grandsons of Aron.


The last Jews left Steinsfurt on October 14, 1940. When the deportation of the Jewish population of Baden to Gurs was carried out on October 22, 1940 there was no Jewish person in Steinsfurt.  So no one has been deported directly from Steinsfurt. But some persons who had been living here were deported (and later murdered) from their new place of living.


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