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The Jewish Community in Steinsfurt


It is not known when the first Jewish community in Steinsfurt was established.

In 1809 Großherzog Carl-Friedrich published the so called „Judenedikt”.

An article was published in 1827 in „Großherzoglich Badische(n) Staats= und Regierungsblatt” (the official paper for publishing law, edicts etc) concerning the „Eintheilung der Israelitischen Gemeinden des Großherzogthums in Rabbinats= oder Synagogenbezirke betreffend” (concerning the organization of Jewish districts). Here we read:

11) BezirksSynagoge Sinzheim, Rabbinatssitz: Sinzheim,
begreift die Isr. Gemeinden zu Berwangen, Babstadt, Bischofsheim, Dühren, Eschelbach, Eppingen, Ehrstett, Gemmingen, Grumbach, Hoffenheim, Hüffenhardt, Hilsbach, Ittlingen, Mühlbach, Neidenstein, Obergimpern, Rohrbach, Rappenau, Riechen, Schluchtern, Steppach, Sinzheim, Steinfurt, Siegelsbach, Untergimpern, Weiler, Waibstadt und Wollenberg;

So a Jewish community was well established in Steinsfurt by that time.

The End

In 1938 a law was passed from Berlin (signed by Adolf Hitler) which marked the beginning of the end for the Jewish community. Up to April 1st, 1938, it had the same status and privileges as a Christian congregation. But this law changed the status to that of a „society” which was to be registered in the „Vereinsregister”. This registration actually never took place.

The „Verein” actually still existed in September 1938 when the synagogue was sold. But soon after that date it came to an end when all its members had died or emigrated.