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Ida Bierig née Weil

Ida Bierig was born on May 30, 1873 in Steinsfurt as the daughter of Karl Weil (1835 - 1903) and his wife Babette Götter (1839 - 1927). The couple had 9 children. Ida was seventh as the older of two girls.

On February 8, 1898 Ida married Isaak Bierig in Heilbronn. He was born on January 29, 1869 in Edelfingen as son of the trader Jakob Bierig (1819 - 1919) and his wife Rösle née Schloß (1825 - 1890).

The couple Isaak and Ida Bierig had one son, Siegbert, who was born on December 18, 1898 and died on May 22, 1918 in WWI from gas poisoning.

Isaak Bierig had a cattle dealing business in Edelfingen in the Mittlere Straße 1 until after 1933.

Ida Bierig is listed in 1935 as a member of the Jewish Womens' Club.

In 1939 the couple moved to the Jewish old peoples' home Wilhelmsruhe in Heilbronn-Sontheim. From there they were brought by the Nazis to Buttenhausen and in 1942 to the Theresienstadt concentration camp. Ida was moved from there in September 1942 to the Extermination camp Treblinka. Isaak seem to have been transported to Minsk. Both  were murdered.


Ida and Isaak Bierig are on the List of the Victims of the Nazi-Regime in Bad Mergentheim.

There are entries for Ida (3781567 and 4883053) and Isaak (3781568 and 4882873) in the Yad Vashem database.

There are entries for Ida Bierig (843033) and Isaak Bierig (843035) in the memorial book.


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