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Irma Maier, née Weil (1894 - 1942/5)

Irma Maier née Weil

Irma Weil was born on September 28, 1894 as second daughter of the trader Leopold Weil (1863 – 1917) and his wife Klara née Kern (1870 – 1938) .

The couple's eldest daughter Karoline (*1893) had died soon after birth. So Irma grew up with her two brothers  Josef (1899 – 1949) and Karl (1905 – 1978).

When from the school year 1907/08 girls were allowed to visit the Realschule in Sinsheim, Irma went to the second form there (called „Quinta”). So she must have visited not only the local primary school in Steinsfurt, but also for one year the private „Höhere Töchterschule” in Sinsheim. She left the Realschule after two years . We don't know whether she went to another school or had some vocational training. In her marriage entry it says „without occupation”.

On December 16, 1919 Irma married the cattle trader Julius Maier in Steinsfurt. He was born on January 11, 1886 in Königsbach as son of the cattle trader Moritz Maier and his wife Sophie née Tiefenbronner .

Irma and Julius first moved to Königsbach, later to Pforzheim. They had two children, Ilsa (born September 17, 1920) and Manfred (born March 21, 1926).

The whole family was seized and transported to Gurs in the action on October 22, 1940 .

On August 17, 1942 Irma was brought to Auschwitz where she died at an unknown date .

On July 5, 1950 an official death declaration was issued for Irma Maier by the Amtsgericht Pforzheim, when the end of WWII (May 8, 1945, 12 pm) was fixed as time of death .

All members of her family are remembered on the Weil memorial plaque in the synagogue as victims of the shoah.


There is an entry in the Memorial Book: No 921739

In the Central Database of Shoah there is an entry under 146597 for Irma Maier


The picture is taken from the Plaque in the Steinsfurt synagogue.

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