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Ilsa Maier (1920 - 1942/45)

Ilsa Maier

Entry in the Memorial Book:

Maier, Ilsa

born on 17th September 1920 in Königsbach / Durlach / Baden
resident of Pforzheim

Deportation destination:
from Baden - Pfalz - Saarland
22nd October 1940, Gurs, internment camp
Drancy, collecting detention camp
17th August 1942, Auschwitz, extermination camp

Date/Place of Death:
officially declared dead

Ilsa was the daughter of Julius Maier (1896 - 1942/45) and his wife Irma nee Weil (1894 - 1942/45) and the sister of  Manfred Maier (1926 - 1942/45).

She is remembered on the Weil memorial plaque in the synagogue as a victim of the shoah.