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Visit of the Rabbi 2016

We had invited the town-rabbi of Heidelberg to visit the synagogue.  (When there was still a Jewish congregation in Steinsfurt, the Bezirks-Rabbi of Heidelberg, would have been responsible for the inhabitants of Steinsfurt. So most of the weddings were organized by the Heidelberg Rabbi.)

We could welcome Rabbi Jona Kawelczyk-Kissin the synagogue on Sunday June 6, 2016. He inspected the synagogue and asked what was known about the form of prayers in it, the seating of the women etc. When he heard that in the 30ies local lads had listened from outside to the „singing in the synagogue”  he gave an impression how the prayers and the reading of the tora sound. This was very interesting for the members of our association who were present.

He was visibly impressed by the fairly complete preservation of the synagogue  – although of course the Torah ark and any furnishings are missing.

Then he supervised the fixing of the mesusa in the synagogue. (This was a present by Prof. Carlos Weil, Argentina, during his last visit in Sinsheim) He carefully controlled the klaf.

Finally he signed our guest-book. He promised to come back.

Pictures of the Day


{vsig_c}0|1.jpg||Rabbi Pawelczyk-Kissin with Dr. Flothow and Mrs Stier{/vsig_c}

{vsig_c}0|2.jpg||Rabbi Pawelczyk-Kissin carefully controls the klaf.{/vsig_c}

{vsig_c}0|3.jpg||Fixing the Mesusa{/vsig_c}

{vsig_c}0|5.jpg||Entry in the guest-book{/vsig_c}