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A Grant from the Landesdenkmalstiftung

The Denkmalstiftung Baden-Württemberg has given us a further grant of 9,400 € as support for our restauration work in the synagogue.

On September 15, 2014  Dr. Maria Melitta Büchner-Schöpf, member of the Board of Trustees of the Denkmalstiftung, came to the synagogue and we signed the contract. The members of the board of our society, officials from the town of Sinsheim, pupils from the denkmal aktiv AG, the Ortsvorsteherin and one of the local MPs, who is a member of our society, were present as well as the press

Dr. Büchner-Schöpf was very impressed by the synagogue and our efforts to make it a gem again. She wished us success and promised to support us in future, too. She showed her appreciation by giving from her own private means a very generous donation.

We are very grateful for this generous gesture!

At the end of the ceremoy all participants signed our guest book

Jutta stier signs the contract Picture of those present Dr. Büchner-Schöpf signs the guest book
We thank Mr. C. Reimann from the internet newspaper Sinsheim-lokal who contributed the pictures.