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Images from the village fête 2014 in Steinsfurt

Pictures from the Exhibition

{vsig}Verein/2014_Dorf-Ausstellung {/vsig}

{vsig_c}0|B.jpg||State of the synagogue 1962 (Original: HStA Stuttgart, EA 99/001 Bü 305, Nr. 1665){/vsig_c}

{vsig_c}0|C.jpg||State today{/vsig_c}

{vsig_c}0|D.jpg||From the rally 2006{/vsig_c}

{vsig_c}0|E.jpg||Day of Open Monument 2008{/vsig_c}

{vsig_c}0|F.jpg||2009: Presentation of the Weil-memorial-plaque{/vsig_c}

Pictures from the Day

 {vsig}Verein/2014_Dorffest {/vsig}

{vsig_c}1|G.jpg||Impression from our exhibition{/vsig_c}


{vsig_c}1|I.jpg||Questions were asked and answered{/vsig_c}

{vsig_c}1|J.jpg||Most interesting for as were the stories that were told by older inhabitants of Steinsfurt{/vsig_c}