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Kurt Salomon Maier, an Eye-wittness

Kurt Salomon Maier (*1930) grew up in Kippenheim. 1940 he was deported by the Nazis to Camp Gurs. He managed to emigrate to the USA via Marseille and Casablanca.

Kurt Salomon MaierHe published an autobiographical book in 2011: Unerwünscht: Kindheits- und Jugenderinnerungen eines jüdischen Kippenheimers in which he desribes his youth in his home village, the experience of the Nazi thread, the deportation to Gurs and finally his emigration to New York.

October 14, 7 pm in the Musiksaal of the Wilhelmi-Gymnasium


This event was part of our series "75 years since the deportation to Gurs.

For this we cooperated with denkmal aktiv AG of the Wilhelmi-Gymnasium Sinsheim, the VHS Sinsheim and Spielmobil Sinsheim e.V.