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Memorial of the Weil Family

Gedenkplakette der Familie WeilA memorial plaque was created for the 2009 meeting of the Weil family. They wanted to have a common place to commemorate members of the Weil family murdered during the Holocaust as well as other victims of the Nazi regime.

Since by now relatives of that family live all over the world, the synagogue of their „home town” was chosen as a suitable place for the plaque even though most of the persons mentioned never lived in Steinsfurt. A similar plaque was mounted at the mausoleum outside the Waibstadt cemetery.

The table has been provisionally affixed to the wall below the WWI memorial until the restauration of the synagogue is completed. Then we will find a more suitable presentation.


The following persons are remembered (anticlockwise):


  • We are still in the process of collecting information about the lives of these people. If you could help us with additional information we would be very grateful.
    (You could mail to )